What You Need to Know in Starting Up Your Own Online Business

Are you having problems in managing your own finances? With the tight economic conditions nowadays, a regular salary seems incapable of sustaining an individual’s everyday needs. For this reason, it is worthwhile to look for other ways to earn an extra income. Setting up a business is a good idea, as you can manage it at your own time. In starting up a business, you must first determine your target market. If you can’t make up your mind, it is advisable to enter the online market, as you can have customers from all over the world twenty four hours a day. A lot of people are also seeking their needs in the internet, as it is a convenient way of getting all of their needs. In starting up your own online business, it is important to consider the following points:• Before starting up, determine first your area of interest. Most successful persons in the line of online businesses have started in a range of products that are within their own interests. This is advantageous as you already know the ups and downs of the product you want to start with and you will feel confident about it.• Educate yourself in the process of managing an online business. You can do this by interviewing those who have already opened an online business or by reading some informational articles about it. At first, you may found it as a hard task but eventually, this will be your guiding steps in being successful in the field of online business.• Manage your capital. Your capital can be in two forms: money and knowledge. Money is necessary in purchasing products that you want to sell such as in buy and sell business. On the other hand, the knowledge capital is foremost needed in developing strategies and tactics upon managing your own online business. You can also use it to produce some items that you can resell such as eBooks and audio books.• Open up your online business as spectacular as possible. Whether you want to have your own web page or just an online store space in various shopping sites, it is very important to make it impressive in order to attract a lot of customers. This is where your tactics and strategies will enter; you must exert all of your efforts in making your online business stand out from the rest.Whenever you feel doubtful in opening up your own online business, don’t lose hope. You can gain inspiration by reading the stories of others’ success in the field of online business. Remember that every business is a gamble; if you don’t combine effort, hard work, strategies, confidence and tactics, then, you might not be successful in it. It is also very vital that you have trust in your own capabilities as this is your primary capital before starting it all. After all, an online business is oftentimes successful at its own extent, as the world of internet continuously develops itself and progresses along with time so you have a stable market to target for!

Diabetes Lies – What They Don’t Want You to Know

Diabetes liesDiabetes lies have proliferated over the internet. A recent survey showed that 90% of North Americans have fallen for false stories they have read or come across on social media platforms. Another 68% of the pool said that they didn’t trust large corporations and their government. Many large companies involved with the manufacture and sale of diabetes products may be involved in diabetes lies.In 2009, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I had not been taking care of myself. As Director of Food and Beverage for a large resort, I was always busy. I found myself turning to cola drinks and other sweets made with refined sugar for a quick energy. One day after work, on the drive home, I began to crave sugar. I recall that day as if it was yesterday. It was June 25, 2009, the day the famed singer Michael Jackson died. I heard the announcement on my car radio.When I was diagnosed, I was understandably upset. I didn’t want to accept what had happened to me. In desperation, I began to search for a cure. I turned to the internet. That was when I became exposed to how money makes people and corporations put profits first instead of honest business practices. They will lie to customers just to make a sale. I once met a U.S. business who told me that others operating in the same industry as he told him that if he were dishonest, he could make 10 times more money. Similarly, my acupuncture doctor told me that a couple of doctors in her field approached her asking her why she was charging $50 per session and not $80. They then demanded that she change her rate, but she refused.Diabetes lies onlineWe know it is common for businesses to cheat the costumer. The diabetes industry is no different. Here are just some of the pitches I came across online, one of which was rather dangerous.One individual claimed that he had a God-given gift of healing people and said that he had healed thousands of people. He included testimonials. His product for the cure of diabetes was cinnamon. He fortified his sales pitch by accusing diabetes drug manufacturers of being dishonest. I tried his cinnamon pills for several months. They did not work. It was then I learned that I had been lied to.There is product called Banaba being marketed by a lady who claims she used it to help her husband cure his type 2 diabetes. She said her product would cure type 2 diabetes in one month. What I couldn’t understand was that there were three and four months supplies offered, and if the potential buyer would make a 6-months supply purchase, they would get a one-month supply free, in addition to a diet book for curing diabetes. Strange, considering the claim was for a cure after only one month.Infomercial liesI also came across an infomercial hosted by a well-known man named Hugh Dows. He use to host a TV Show called 20/20 so I trusted him. During the infomercial, which was for selling a book called Hidden Health of Treasures, the guest, who was referred to as doctor, said that the book contained all types of remedies and cures, including for diabetes. I rushed to order. When the book arrived, I could not wait to use the information to cure my diabetes. I searched for the chapter, but there was no such information in the book besides saying that a diabetic should drink bay leaf tea. It then said that bay leaf tea can be poisonous. The book gave a phone contact, so I called. The young lady who answered informed me that they had a list of all the conditions and diseases that the book has a remedy for. She put me on hold, came back, and informed me that the list did not include a cure for diabetes. Again, I was lied to.Diabetes and corporate liesMy search continued, which led to a video I watched made by one, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In his video, he said that diabetes drug manufacturers came to him and asked him to author an article on diabetes for publication. Upon completion, the drug companies rejected his article saying that if diabetics knew that they could cure their condition, they would stop buying diabetes drugs.In 2016, with the assistance of doctors, I developed a diet, exercise, and supplement program that reversed and cured my type 2 diabetes. This was my direct evidence that type 2 diabetes can be cured. The method I developed that reversed and cured my type 2 diabetes was featured in the September 2016, WebMD Diabetes magazine, page 19. In my excitement, I reached out to Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association, which publishes Diabetes Forecast, an online magazine. In addition, I contacted the Canadian Diabetes Association, (now called Diabetes Canada), to share the good news that was published in WebMD. I wanted to contribute an article about how type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured, but all of them declined.Their rejection of my article for publication mirrors what Dr. Fuhrman said in his video (that is still available online) about the drug companies that refused to publish his article so that they could intentionally prevent diabetics from knowing that their condition can be cured.If you are pre-diabetic, type 2 diabetic, or overweight, information you need to reverse and even cure your condition is now available.